Permanent Makeup is the art and science of implanting color into your skin.

It is putting the right color in the right place so you can look better naturally. Specialized instruments allow your technician to place color into the layer of skin known as the dermis. Because the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis, is always shedding and renewing itself, you are looking at the color through a thin vail of skin. When your procedure is completed, the color is on BOTH the epidermis and the dermis. The color in the top layer will flake off during the healing process and you will see the lighter color. The new color will not smear, smudge or wear off.

You will look like yourself only better. Permanent Makeup helps replenish what time has taken away and gives you precious time you normally spend "putting on your face". No more struggling to draw eyebrows evenly or eyeliner half-way straight.

Will it hurt? New topical anesthetics have been developed especially for permanent makeup for eyeliner, eyebrows and lip color procedures.

These products are applied to the area to be treated before and during the procedure to assure you of the most comfortable experience possible. It is not uncommon to hear that there was not as much pain as expected. At the end of the procedure cool packs are very soothing to the area.

How long will it take to recover? You will look like you have had a good cry for several hours following an eyeliner procedure. It is advised to apply ice for 10 minutes at a time during the first few hours. Eyebrow procedures have the least amount of swelling. Lip color often involves temporary swelling.

How long will the makeup last? Permanent Makeup is long lasting. However, as you become accustomed to your makeup, it is not uncommon to want more. You will want to freshen up your new makeup every couple of years. The darker the color, such as black, the longer it will stay unchanged in your skin. Natural, delicate colors are often times more vulnerable to the effects of sun, swimming, and breakdown by the body. However it is not always possible to predict how long the color will last because everyone is different.





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